Horses Affection Abstract Painting


$1100 $1200

This is a rare and unique handcrafted original acrylic painting that represents the affection between horses. Original size is 92.5 cm x 51.5 cm.

The horses do hug each other by resting their heads and necks over the heads and necks of their friends. this means affection for each other. They will switch positions after a while or exchange mutual grooming when resting on one another’s necks. Nickering horses typically bit noses and share breath, respiration into every other’s nostrils. This lovesome gesture ends the acknowledgment.



    92.5 (w) x 51.5 cm (h) …… [ 36 inch (w) x 20 inch (h)]  …Excluding white border

    1.5-3 inches border is added to the painting for stretching on wooden bases or install in frames.

    Our Framing Suggestion: Better Option is to frame with a 3-inch deep black profile frame


    If this painting gets sold, we will recreate it very similar to the style and colors of the existing one. Guaranteeing you shall receive the same quality and beauty of the painting as what you see from the pictures. This painting can be customized in terms of size as per your wish.

    Before you order it, please send us your information about the custom size needed. As all our paintings are handmade and often custom ordered,  minor or subtle changes may occur with your painting. The customization time needs around 1-3 weeks.2-3


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