An Elephant From The Waterfall

This is an original acrylic portrait of an Elephant from the Waterfall. The original size is 50.0 cm x 64.5 cm.

This Elephant painting brings good vibes into your home and life. The Elephant from Waterfall Interpretation represents greatness, strength, protection, wisdom, and endurance, and is, therefore, a good omen for you.

A bathing Elephant painting represents a happy feeling in your life, particularly on your emotional side. It demonstrates that you will be accompanied by good friends on your journey. This friendship will bear fruit and provide social opportunities at work.




    1. We’ll pack and dispatch the artwork once you’ve made a payment. The packing shall be done from 2-3 days from the date of payment (from Monday to Friday / weekend days not included). We will notify you as soon as possible if there is a delay in this process due to any unforeseeable reasons.
    2. You’ll be given a tracking number once the item is on its way, which you can use to watch its progress on the carrier’s website. If you’re shipping internationally, bear in mind that customs delays are possible. This isn’t unusual, so don’t be concerned.
    3. When the item arrives, you must immediately verify the packaging and the item while the delivery person is present. If there are any damages, you must contact the delivery person. Please take photos that show the full extent of the damage. Any claims submitted after signing the delivery receipt will be rejected by both us and the insurance company.


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